27 & 28 mai 2023
11ème Édition
27 & 28 MAI 2023
11e Édition

27 & 28 mai 2023

27 & 28 mai 2023


Saturday June 4th


Digital Stage

Behind the spatial pseudonym of this Parisian producer hides an overflowing energy and
a multi-faceted music, as rhythmic as aerial, influenced by sounds as well from Detroit
retro-futurism house sounds as from Balearic universe.
He contributed to the creation of Pont Neuf Records on which he signed three first tracks
on the Habemus Paname compilation of the label.
In 2018, Cosmonection released two first EPs, 10 Feet Before The Horizon on Pont Neuf
Records and Menorca on the label of the British producer Jimpster, Delusions of Grandeur.
With the release of Odyssey on Pont Neuf and Venezia on Beats Of No Nation in 2019, the
Parisian producer is displaying an ever more complex and mature sound world, which
brings Mixmag describing him as «one of the French scene’s fast-rising producers at the

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