27 & 28 mai 2023
11ème Édition
27 & 28 MAI 2023
11e Édition

27 & 28 mai 2023

27 & 28 mai 2023



Sunday June 5th


La Kasbah

Sometimes it only takes one synthesizer to find out what you wantto devote your life to. In Biesmans’case, the moment occurred whenhe was eight years old, and played himself into ecstasy on his firsttiny, colorful but very own synthesizer.Growing upon the Belgium countryside in the nineties may notsound appealing to one, but to Biesmans the region of Flanders wasa playground full of discotheques and after hour clubs, that left alasting impression on him. These collective experiences on thedance floor lit a fire, which made him pursue the professional routeas an artist: graduating with a degree from Electronic Music andthen, finally moving to Berlin in 2013 to explore the full spectrum oftechno and house. So far, every job was for the purpose tofinancehis synthesizer obsession, until the work as a sound technician forWatergate naturally came along, and breaking in a as a DJ was onlya rave away. Biesmans energy behind the decks is impressive, andthe hard work he has put into his creative achievement is audible ineverykey.

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